Jewelry FAQs

Cape Forge Glass

Jewelry FAQs

Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads by Karyn Sweezy

Every piece starts with a handmade bead.  I create each bead in my home studio using a torch to melt and manipulate the glass to create a variety of different outcomes. I love experimenting and adding detail to my glass work. Each Bead is annealed in a kiln to provide a very durable glass component.

I use a variety of metal components depending on the desired outcome.  These include stainless steel, copper, brass, pewter sterling and silver plated wires and accent beads.  


Horizontal Hole Pendant Beads

I love the interlocking interchangeable 18" stainless steel cable chain.  You can buy just one and all my beads will easily slip on and off.  They hang beautifully around the nape of the neck and are very light weight and secure.  You just slightly turn the end and insert it into the the other and twist to lock closed.

Vertical Hole Pendant Beads

I create longer chains for these beads and they are designed to slip over the entire chain and hang lower on your body.  There is no clasp and therefore extremely easy to wear and can be made with a variety of ends.  I usually provide the option I enjoy most for each pendant, but you are welcome to request a different charm.

Pendants with Bails

Designed to fit over a variety of chains and lengths.  This is a great option if you have a chain that you love and can add the pendant.  I have a few options also available and usually provide an option. 

Ear Wires

Titanium Ear wires: 

These are my favorite.  They are the best for anyone with allergic reactions to metals and are very comfortable, a matt finish and never tarnish

Surgical Steel Ear Wires: 

A great choice when you are looking for a little extra shine. also hypo allergenic and never tarnish.


occasionally I will use silver, but find the upkeep to keep them from tarnishing and shiny is not usually worth the extra expense.  I can provide this option if you are one of the rare individuals that this option is all you can wear.